I am an IT professional and tech expert, social media enthusiast, a sports fan, organ donor advocate, and fan of Edmonton.

After graduating with a diploma in Information Technology and Systems Management at MacEwen in 2006, I have been an IT pro for over 8 years. I have extensive experience supporting a user base of roughly 150, as well as many of the servers and services behind the scenes that make everything go.

I've been an active Twitter user since 2007, and am a fan of Social Media in general. Social Media has changed how we do many things that are in some ways bigger than the internet itself. This fascinates me, and I constantly work to explore that.

I also love sports. I can watch almost any sport, but my true loves lie with Hockey, Football, both Canadian and American, and curling.  I am a devoted and frustrated Oilers fan, Eskimos fan, and Packers fan. You'll often find me watching a sport of some kind.

Organ donation is something that has affected my family directly. While I fully understand it is a personal choice for each person to make, I encourage everyone to at least consider signing their donor card. It can save lives.