Welcome to thewunderbar, part 4!

Really, i should have done this a couple months ago since, as most people who know me know that I’ve been unemployed, but I also didn’t think I’d be out of a job for so long. This is the 4th iteration of thewunderbar.net, which I’ve owned since 2005.


I’ve finally moved myself off of the antiquated wordpress (and my old hosting provider) onto a squarespace site. I had largely let this place lapse for a couple reasons, partly because keeping wordpress up to date is a pain, and since I didn’t want to keep it up to date I didn’t want to put effort into posting. Squarespace is a lot more modern, and does the hosting and the CMS for me, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  And I’m not quite done. I wanted to get the basic site design out of the way, and I want to add things as I go.  I even have a shiny new logo!


What will I do here? Write about stuff I want to write about. Some of it will be tech, some will be sports, some will be random musings. The “What I’m looking at” section will feature links to things that I find interesting on the web. It might be a news story I find interesting, it might be a product I like or want. Or it could be a cat gif, since we know that the internet was made for cats.  I’m not going to promise an update frequency, especially for the longer form stuff. I have a couple things queued up and ready to go that’ll go out over the next few days, but past that I don’t know. Twitter and Facebook are great but they don’t lend well to things longer than a few sentences.


I have no idea where this will take me, and I don’t even really know if anyone will read this, but heck, a place to vent is always fun.