One Week In

As I si here writing this on a Sunday night. I have to work tomorrow, starting my second week at my new job.  the first week was exhausting, and I don’t anticipate the second week being any different.


After not working for almost 6 months, going to work for a full week is absolutely exhausting.  The week before starting I had been waking up to an alarm to make sure I was used to that again, and while getting up early wasn’t (and has never really been) a problem for me, there is a significant difference between having to get up early and having to get up early and working all day.  After working a full work week, I was exhausted on Friday night. It isn’t like I have a job that is physically demanding either, but actually having to work is extremely tiring.  I will get used to it as I get settled in, but it’ll take some time.


I hadn’t started at a new employer for almost 8 years, and one thing that really struck me is just how much I felt like a fish out of water.  Sure, many things are familiar, but just as many or more are very different. Jumping in to a new workplace with new people, new systems, new ways of doing things, and then actually trying to accomplish anything of importance is nearly impossible out of the gate.  That might actually be the hardest part, actually.  IT is hard to feel productive when most of the first week is spent asking more questions than answering them.  I still don’t even know where to find all of the things that I’m going to be responsible for, which makes doing the job….difficult.   The best part is that my boss is on holidays for my second week, so trying to figure everything out as I go will be even more complicated in that second week.


Through all of this, my hope is the second week is better than the first, and then that the third will be better than the second.  My goal is to learn from my new team, and that my new team can learn from me.  It’ll take time, but things will settle, and I’ll start to find that water to swim in.