Fragapalooza 2011–Day 1


Well, we made it through an entire day of Fragapalooza without losing power.  That sounds trivial, but after going almost 18 hours without power last year, it is a pretty big deal.  That meant more time for games, trying to find games, and screaming at the trivia bot(more on that later).  Overall, Fragapalooza is off to a great start.

DSC03838We have the power

People always trickle in to Fragapalooza throughout the first day.  I arrived at about 11, and the venue was less than 1/4 full.  That was fine with me, since it always takes a couple of hours to actually get everything set up.  It’s a few trips of bringing the computer in, bringing the cooler with the drinks and the food in, as well as bringing in things like my keyboard and mouse which, funnily enough, are pretty important.  Setting up the tent this year was actually a lot nicer, as I found a grassy area to put my tent up.  Last year I had to set the tent up on a gravel area, which made me feel like I was sleeping on the side of a mountain, so sleeping on grass felt so nice.

Thursday is always the quietest day of Fragapalooza, so I took mostly to playing Team Fortress 2, as it was one of the few “popular” games that I could consistently find people playing, with a few breaks in the action.  Though one of my favorite things about Fragapalooza is that people can hop into the chat room, and generally find people to play most games you may want to play. I spent a couple hours playing a worms clone (I had a team of ninjas!), where I successfully managed to murder myself several times, and a Tron-like game where I also successfully managed to murder myself several times.  but games like that are what make Fragapalooza, and I enjoyed it, and hope to play more of them today.

There have been a few glitches though.  Late last night we were trying to get a game of Left 4 Dead 2 running, and it kept error-ing, so that was annoying.  I’m itching to kill some zombies, so I’m looking forward to getting into that game today.  The other glitch was my with the friend that I’m sitting with.  His computer had issues that we spent about an hour trying to get fixed, but all is now well with him.  But overall, Fragapalooza is off to a strong start.

I also spent a couple of hours playing trivia.  A trivia “bot” in a chatroom channel spits out questions, first person to type the correct answer gets points.  Pretty simple in practice, but this year’s Trivia bot is cruel and torturing.  There have been some hilarious moments; when 10 people couldn’t figure out how to spell “hamburglar”  and it asking the exact same question twice.  but there have been other times when the questions are so obscure that no one has a clue, or the answer needs punctuation.  Though the worst part is the hints it offers.  ___-________ __ _______ is not a good hint, at all.  I’m a sucker, and kept coming back for more, but I may have to throw my keyboard through my monitor before the event is done.


Quiet in the morning

As I begin day two, I had a good swim in the rec center pool, had a good shower, and am ready to go.  The worst part of the day? Waking up in a tent when it is 6 degrees outside. that was not pleasant.  It took a lot of effort and will power to crawl out of my sleeping bag this morning.

That’s it for this post folks, I need to get back to the gaming.  As always, you can follow me on Twitter @wunderbar for updates throughout the day.  Happy fragging.