Fragapalooza 2010 – Tent City and Sleeping

Fragapalooza in 2009 had a very small “Tent City” for sleeping. You can see my post about it here.  This year is very different, as Tent City is actually outside, behind the venue.  I have a tent set up there, and have been using that to sleep in.  I’m not quite sure if I like it this year though.  I mean, for the amount I use it it’s been ok, but I heard someone equate it to setting up a tent on the side of a mountain, and they are not wrong.  Most of tent city is essentially on a dirt/gravel area.  When setting my tent up the biggest concern I had wasn’t what direction it was pointed (though I screwed up there), but finding a spot that was flat with few rocks so I could lay down and not feel a sharp object.  Once I actually get to sleep it’s fine.  The other issue with it being outside is just a fact of life. In the evening of day 2 we had a thunderstorm watch, and while we didn’t get anything, in Day 3, we probably will. I’m used to camping and sleeping in a tent in the rain, so it’s not a huge deal, unless it gets super nasty, then there could be problems.

My only issue is 100% my problem; which is that I do not sleep well when it’s basically daylight outside.  When I am going to bed at 4:30am, that doesn’t’ leave a lot of darkness before daylight begins. I’m writing this post on 4 hours of sleep because it was too light for me to go back to bed.

Either way, I just appreciate the fact that I actually get a tent this year, as I didn’t get a “roof” over my head at all last year.  Small blessings, I guess.


These are a few of the tents in tent city. Mine is the small blue/gray tent to the right of center on the screen. There are about 8-10 more tents on either side of the frame, as well as a couple of trailers.