Fragapalooza 2010–packing

Last year for Fragapalooza, I brought a lot of stuff. I purchased 2 seats at the event so I could have my laptop set up to constantly check twitter, the internal IRC chat, and to make notes and blog at any time. This year, partly for cost, partly to lighten the load, I scrapped that idea. that alone saves me a bag or 2 of stuff. I’m also only brining the essentials this year, just my computer and everything I need for that(including my chair), my Phone, iPod, Camera, and an external Hard drive, along with all the necessary accessories for that.  Tent city will be outside this year, so I really will sleep in a tent, which I am bringing, but I am ditching the air mattress in favor of a foam pad. This is smaller, lighter, and really just easier to set up and deal with than stuffing an air mattress into a smaller tent.  The only thing I’m brining that is tent specific is a portable power pack that has a built in light so I can see in the dark, and can charge my phone from.  I really focused on brining less this year, we’ll see how that turns out when I go to pack the car up in the morning.

The only thing I can say I’m bringing more of this year compared to last is food. Last year I relied a lot on eating out, and eating junk.  While I’ll still do that this year, it won’t be nearly to the degree of last year.  Sure, I brought candy and other junk food, but I didn’t bring any pop, sticking mostly with juices and Gatorade. I have also brought more fruit than ever before. I know I wont’ be eating as healthy as possible this weekend, and that’s fine, I’ll start working it off again next week, but anything I can do to make it a little better for me will be appreciated come Sunday afternoon.

There won’t be a picture of everything I’m bringing attached this year like last year’s packing post, because I actually have about half of everything packed in my car as I type this on Wednesday night. I’ll snap a few pictures of my packed up car and put them up at a later date, but it’ll work similar to last year.  My chair will somehow manage to squeeze into the back seat of my Civic, the tower and monitor will sit in the front seat, and pretty much everything else goes in the trunk. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze but I make everything fit. I just wish sometimes that my chair folded, it would make things so much easier.

That’s all for tonight for me folks, I’ll see you tomorrow from Fragapalooza 2010. Be sure to follow my Twitter feed for frequent updates, while I’ll be putting up a blog post at least once a day from the event.