Blogging from Fragapalooza 2010!

Last year I blogged from Fragapalooza 2009 in Fort Saskatchewan.  This year, Fragapalooza is in Leduc, Alberta and I will be there, and blogging just like last year.  I’m really looking forward to this year’s event, as with it being my 4th time going I know a lot more people, and I know pretty much exactly what to expect now.  I’m just about ready to go, and will be posting my list of everything I’m bringing with me, which should be significantly reduced from last year.

As with last year, I’ll be taking a ton of pictures and video.  Most will be appearing after the event, but you’ll still get to see some of the pictures during the event.

This year I’ll be posting quite a few posts, and pictures to twitter, you can find my twitter account here.  I’ll also be uploading a few pictures on the go to Flickr, which you can find here.  All of the event pictures will be up on Flickr after the event, and video will end up on youtube, but it’s very unlikely that I’ll put any of the videos up until after the event is done.

Fragapalooza 2010 runs from 9:00am Thursday August 5th and goes until the afternoon of Sunday August 8th.