Yes, I'm still alive

Okay, so it's been waaaaaaaay too long since I put anything up here, my bad. Sometimes it's just hard to find enough hours in the day to eat and sleep, never mind put a good blog post together. Instead of coming back with an epic blog post now, I'm going to just post a mashup of a bunch of things, the epic one is coming soon :)

I got myself a Palm Pre, and it's pretty awesome. It doesn't have the app store that the iPhone has, but having an always connected device is something that, as cheesy as it sounds, has really changed the way I think about mobile phones. It's less and less about the phone and more about the fact that it's basically an all in one communication device, and it's really amazing to have. Now Palm, lets get Windows Live Messenger support, and a bigger app store, and I'll be sold forever.

Speaking of Phones, Bell and Telus here in Canada are launching their GSM HSPA+ network here in November 2009, as in next month, and will both be offering the iPhone. This is actually a *really* big deal in Canada, and worthy of it's own blog post, which I will be writing. Suffice it to say that it's probably the most important event in the Mobile phone world in Canada in over 5 years, maybe even since it because a 3 horse race between Bell, Telus, and Rogers many years ago

The Fall 2009 TV season has started. I don't watch a whole bunch of TV anymore, but the shows I do watch I really enjoy. I don't even watch many of them live on TV, I either watch shows either by streaming them online legally, or buying through iTunes. Most I'm streaming, but the few that I really do enjoy, I buy. The shows that I'm watching Religiously this year are: House, Dollhouse, Flashpoint, The Border, and Being Erica. I will be watching 24 in January when it starts up again. Other shows that I am looking at are Glee and Stargate Universe. I really do enjoy two and a half men, but I watch that show on DVD when the season comes out. You know, I just listed a lot of shows, and while it seems like a lot, compared to what's out there to watch right now, it really isn't a lot of shows.

October really is the best month of the year if you are a sports fan. Lets run it down

Hockey season has started. My Oilers are off to a decent start. They look like they can score goals almost at will this year, but aren't looking very good defensively. Hopefully they solve that soon. It's nice to see the leafs in the tank, and I'm not at all surprised to see the Red Wings off to such a slow start.

CFL football is coming down to the wire, and is as exciting as ever. It would be more exciting if the Eskimos hadn't lost 5 of their last 6 games, but with 4 to go the playoffs are still within reach. Hopefully they wake up and get there.

NFL football is in full swing. I'm a Packers fan, and so far i'm happy with how they are doing. Hopefully they can improve as time goes on. The Raves are really surprising me, as are the Bengals, and I'm quite happy to see the Patriots struggling. i have a soft spot for the Dolphins, and hopefully Chad Henne develops quickly without Pennington.

Baseball playoffs are on, and while I don't like it, we seemed to be destined for the Yankees to go back to the World Series. The Angels have a really good team, but the Yankees were the best team in baseball this year, I'm not sure if there's any stopping them.

That's it for now, I have a couple posts on the docket for the next week, one of them is the biggest post I've ever done, should be fun!