Fragapalooza 2009 - Day 4

Day 4 of Fragapalooza. It may not seem like a long time, but after 3 straight days of playing games on a computer, fooling around with the various contests, and getting significantly less sleep than normal, everyone is pretty wiped out. As a result, the 4th and final day of Fragapalooza is a pretty toned down day, and not a huge amount of stuff goes on. All the tournaments are done, not everyone even plays games.

Waking up and knowing the rush to get out later on, I took a bunch of my stuff out to my car right away, to minimize the time it would take later in the day. I played my last bit of Team Fortress 2, but mostly just for fun to kill time until it was really time to pack up. I snapped a few more pictures, and took in the sights of the final day of Fragapalooza.

There was one contest held on the final day, the wall sit. The wall sit is a great exercise, and a good test of stamina. It is literally as it sounds. Each person has to put their back against a wall, and crouch down to their knees are at a 90 degree angle. I participated knowing full well I wouldn't win, but it was fun anyway.

The final event of Fragapalooza is the closing ceremonies. The Staff take the time to thank the sponsors, participants, volunteers, etc, and talk about the event. This year's closing ceremonies were particularly important because the staff talked a bit about how Fragapalooza almost didn't happen this year because of the recession. Gil Amores, the President of Fragapalooza, made a truly heart-felt thank you to everyone who attended, and thanked us for our support of the event this year. Then, it was prize time. Closing ceremonies are where the majority of the prizes are given away, at random, to the participants. T-Shirts are thrown into the crowd, and there are draws for prizes, everything ranging from Mouse pads to keyboards to motherboards and processors. I didn't win anything this year, in fact, in 3 years I've come away not having my number drawn. Still, that part is fun. Everyone enjoys free things, right?

After the closing ceremonies is the traditional rush for the exit. After the ceremonies the event is officially over, and everyone leaves. I had taken my computer out before the closing ceremonies, which is by design, since the security setup means that on exit each bag must be searched and photo ID must be shown to get computers out. The security is amazing, and why i feel safe at the event, but also causes massive delays trying to get out. Planning ahead easily saved me an hour of time this afternoon.

Fragapalooza 2009 was an amazing event, one I am very happy to say I was a part of. I will be posting a full write up of the event, as well as will be putting all of the pictures and videos I have taken online in the near future. I have some work travel to do this week so no firm dates, but look for it soon.