Fragapalooza 2009 - Day 3

Day 3 of Fragapalooza is always the one with the most "stuff" going on. It is the Saturday, so everyone for sure is there, all the Tournaments run into high gear, most of the prizes are given away, and some of the whacky contests are held. This year was no exception.I actually don't game as much on Saturday as I do on Friday, because we get interrupted by trying to win prizes all the time. My one disappointment this year was the lack of a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest. The past 2 years Ive made it to at least the final 8, from a starting of 256, and was feeling good about my chances of winning this year. I imagine it was due to a lack of space. Lining up 128 or 256 people takes up a lot of space, and this year we didn't have it.

Other contests included a pencil sharpening contest, a contest that pitted two groups of 50 people in a 1700's style "we'll shoot at you as you stand in a line, then it's your turn!" A couple "the first person to the stage wearing [insert random t-shirt here]" contests, a few random drawings, and one contest where everyone had to sit up in the bleachers, and random seats were picked for prizes. There was also a game of Deal or No Deal, with an actual banker, where the 20 "cases" were prizes ranging from a kick in the nuts, and a hug from one of the staff on the low end(although is a hug really a low end thing?) to an intel motherboard and an intel processor on the high end.

The most fun contest of the evening though, was the Rock Band Tournament. An elaborate setup was erected to make them look like a real band as much as possible, and a number of bands competed in a contest that was more about the actual performance than it was about technique. It featured special judges from a local radio station who scored the bands, and declared a winner. Some of the performances were just plan drab, but the finalists were very good, and put on very good shows. there were also performances by a band featuring staff members, and a band featuring event volunteers.

There was much gaming going on between these contests. There were quite a few people who chose not even to sleep, and many like myself stayed awake into the wee hours of the morning to get as much out of the last full day of the event as possible.

I took quite a few videos and pictures of the happenings on day 3, but to help save the internet here at the event I am waiting until after the event to edit them and get them on YouTube.

I have also agreed to have a guest author write a post about her experience this year as a volunteer. Look for that coming soon as well.

Day 4 here is already underway, and I'm going to enjoy the last bit of Fragapalooza. Look for my final daily report tonight, after the event has ended.