Fragapalooza 2009 - Day 1

Well, Day 1 at fragapalooza 2009 is nearly complete. Actually, day 1 is complete, since it's about 2:45am on day 2 as I type this out. Day 1 is always mostly a setup day. The really heavy gaming doesn't start until later in the evening, after the opening ceremonies. Thursday is also a day to work out network kinks, make the internet move as smoothly as possible, and ensure every facet of the event runs smoothly. And there have been some kinks. The network was lightning fast when I got here around 12pm, but by evening, it had slowed considerably. The internet went up and down a few times. All of the networking staff have done a very good job of minimizing downtime, and making things run very smoothly. The biggest source of downtime we had was actually someone trying to hook up their own networking equipment to the setup that is here, which broke the network for the other 350 people at the event. But since then it's been relatively smooth sailing.

The venue itself is very nice, just much smaller than in past years. We are actually on the indoor soccer field, set up on the Astro Turf. It is a nice setup they have, if a bit cramped.

Tent city this year is *very* small. As you can see in my previous post here there is not a lot of space. The room we are set up in with the tents is small enough to begin with, and a chunk of it has to be kept clear as a fire lane. Tents are very close together, and I didn't actually get to set up my tent, just the air mattress in a space barely big enough to fit the air mattress. To get to it I pretty much have to walk over a bunch of tents. I hope I dont' wake anyone when I go over there to sleep later.

Overall, the venue is very nice, and I'm happy with the gaming area. Tomorrow, or later today I guess, is when things kick into high gear, and I can't wait.

I leave you with pictures of the gaming area, before and after the lights were turned off.

fragapalooza 2009 venue lights on

Fragapalooza 2009 Venue Walkway

Fragapalooza 2009 Venue Lights Off