Fragapalooza 2009 - Packing

Packing for Fragapalooza, even for someone local like myself, it actually a lot of work. This is my third year, so I'm much better than I was, but it's still a lot of work. Like many, I plan to spend the majority of my time at the venue. So I feel like I'm packing for a camping trip. I'm borrowing a tent from a friend who is also attending, and am bringing my air mattress and sleeping bag, with an electric pump for the air mattress. There is an area at the venue for tents to be set up, and for people to sleep. We call it tent city. Along with the basic sleeping supplies I'm also bringing other camping supplies like a flashlight, portable power pack with a lantern, and a travel pillow. I've packed a few days worth of clothes into a bag, and have a cooler filled with food and drink. All this, and i haven't even packed up any of my computer equipment yet. My monitor gets stuffed into it's box, which I kept solely for transporting the monitor back and forth to Fragapalooza. the keyboard gets packed into it's box, and the mouse, and all of the cables, and power bar, get put in a bag. My camera, flip video camera, and DS and PSP are all packed in my laptop bag with my MacBook Pro. Except for the big desktop computer and laptop, it really does feel like a camping trip.


everything I'm taking, except the chair.

Packing everything into my car is easy, except for one thing: my chair. I'm going to be sitting for most of the 4 days of Fragapalooza, so I want a comfortable chair. This means that I bring my computer desk chair with me. Now, a nice office chair doesn't exactly fold all hat well. Through some heroic effort, I actually can fit it into the back seat of my car without having to take it apart. But the chair is pretty much the only thing I can put into the back seat.

Once the chair is stuffed in, the computer is secured nicely, and everything else is in the trunk, it's off to Fort Saskatchewan, and Fragapalooza 2009