Fragapalooza 2009 - All set up

I'm all set up at Fragapalooza 2009. The venue is pretty small this year, but not as small as tent city. I actually had to forgo the tent and just set up my air mattress open air.

Although the venue is smaller, I am impressed with it. The PA system is quite good, the best one of the 3 years I've attended. The Tables are a bit smaller, and that has required a bit of shuffling, but I have managed to get everything set up. I think I have a nice little set up here. Now it's time to start gaming.

Fragapalooza 2009 PC setup

My setup at Fragapalooza

Air Mattress to sleep on

This is where I will be sleeping

Tent City Fragapalooza 2009

Tent City is *quite* full this year