updates to the site!

Hi everyone, just to let you know I've made a couple updates to the site

I've updated the "My Stuff" section of the site. I've added and removed a few things, most notably adding my new 13" MacBook Pro(review coming soon), and creating 2 new categories, one for the hardware I currently have in my desktop computer, and an OS X software section that I will be populating soon with the software I use on my shiny new Mac.

The second change is how I handle website url's. It used to be messy, with no way of knowing what post you are linking too. Now, a much easier way to tell the post by url. It will be sorted by the year/month/day and post title. So, for example, the url for this posting is:


Please not that all old links will continue to work, but the new system will also work for all old posts. Going forward this is the system I will be using, for less confusing.

That's it for this update. Look for part 3 of my Windows Vista articles, and my MacBook Pro review, coming soon.