Tragedy at Big Valley Jamobree

Tonight another storm ripped through central Alberta. 2 weeks to the day after tragedy struck the city of Edmonton, a community just south of Edmonton was struck.

This weekend is the 17th annual Big Valley Jamboree. it is a massive outdoor event showcasing country music. When the storm hit, the winds, in excess of 100km/h tore apart the main stage, while a concert was going on. 1 person is dead, 4 are in critical condition, 4 more in serious condition. As many as 60 people were injured. News is still flowing in, but we know that the City of Edmonton dispatched Ambulances and the mass casualty truck to help. Considering the severity of the storm, the open air style of the Big Valley Jamboree, and the thousands of people that were there, it could have been much worse. While we can mourn the death of a person, we can be thankful there was only one death.

Once again, social media played a massive part in this story unfolding. However, sorting through the noise was almost as hard as the facts. One of the greatest advantages to twitter is the literal real time access to the news, however much of that news is not accurate. I saw people marking their posts saying a tornado hit, which is not true. I applaud the news agencies like Global TV and radio stations 630 CHED and iNews880 for doing their best to sort through the noise and report only the facts to us. Great job by them.

The web pages of 630 CHED and iNews 880 appparently have not weathered the storm very well. As of this posting, their websites are down, so I cannot link to the correct articles. I assume becuase of the excellent coverage they had so many people going to the website they just could not keep up.

Keep trying to go go or for their excellent coverage of this tragic event.