It’s playoff time!

 For those of you who don’t know, I’m a hockey nut.  I follow the Edmonton Oilers religiously, but my love of the game does not end with them.  I am a fan of the sport, and as such, mid April to early June might be the best time of the year, as playoff hockey has arrived.  Teams play 82 games to get to this point, and the games seem to get so much better once the playoffs begin.  The intensity is turned up, and every game has meaning.  The first round is always among the best, there are 4 games a night, almost every night, for 2 full weeks.  It is a hockey fan’s dream.  And who can forget the marathon overtime games that cause so much productivity loss at work and school.


This year I found a website that lets you create a playoff bracket for the entire playoffs, it’s pretty nice, hit up the read link to get to it, and in the mean time, here are my bold predictions for this year’s playoffs.

Yes, I picked Boston to win the cup.  I think they’ll do it.  I also think that the Washington/Pittsburgh series I have set up for the second round could really happen, and would be an epic 7 game series, and probably the best one of the playoffs.  I really like Columbus, but can’t see them getting past Detroit in a 7 game series.  Chicago will unfortunately bow out to San Jose in the second round, and Vancouver will have a solid run.  Carolina will give Boston a bit of a challenge, but can’t match them, and the Rangers can’t out score Washington.  The Flyers could easily beat the Penguins in the first round, but I give Pittsburgh the edge simply because they have home ice in game 7.

either way, I think we’re in for a treat this year, and will get some truly good playoff hockey

[Read] – Playoff Bracketing

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